My Community Activity Poster

Illustration & Layout Design  |  Adobe Illustrator

This colouring and activity sheet is a supplementary resource for the Indigenous Inquiry Kits currently being developed by MFNERC and partnering schools. The resource is designed with activities in each letter size section and unfolds to a full 34x22 inch poster. The activity sheet can be utilized in various configurations based on the needs of the teacher and students. 

Migration of the Anishinaabeg

Illustration | Adobe Illustrator

This poster outlines the historical birch bark scrolls of Eshwaykeeshik that track the migration route of the Anishinaabe before European contact. The resource is based on research that outlines the geographical locations of each section of the original birch bark illustration. The poster is available in English and Ojibwe. 

Land-based Education Posters

Illustration | Adobe Illustrator

This series of illustrations was created for use in digital and print resources in First Nations language classrooms across Manitoba. The resource provides a snapshot of animal parts traditionally used by the original peoples of the region in an effort to preserve traditional languages and harvesting methods.

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